Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Care Enough to Chart!

Be the best dressed Precision Teacher at your next chart share,
or just around the neighborhood.

Behavior Research Company apparently has lots of these vintage shirts available for sale, and at the price, it's an excellent deal. I wore one of these during the latest ABA International Annual Convention and not only was it in great shape for being a real 1977 vintage tee (If I didn't know how old these shirts are, I really wouldn't have a clue to the age), but I received many, many compliments. One apt question was, "Where's the charted data?". Good point--the charts are to scale, so you could chart--front and back.

The drift is that because of old school sizing you should consider buying these larger than your usual size. FWIW, a man's L in these shirts seems to be equivalent to a current women's size medium (8-10).

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