Friday, January 15, 2010

John Locke Foundation Bestowes Pope Award on Baker Mitchell of Roger Bacon Academy

With apologies to Baker Mitchell, and the staff and students under the aegis of the Roger Bacon Academy, Leland, North Carolina for being somewhat tardy with these congratulations, I would like to not only applaud Baker for the recognition by the John Locke Foundation but to also highlight the outstanding work being done in using Direct Instruction and Precision Teaching with the students at their free and public charter schools - Charter Day School in Leland, NC. and Columbus Day School in Whitterville, NC.

On a related note, they are currently taking applications for both the Charter Day School and Columbus Day School during their open enrollment through January 31st
"Baker Mitchell collected the John William Pope Sr. Award for the Advancement of Freedom in North Carolina...

Before a crowd of 475 people, JLF President John Hood touted Mitchell's work in starting Charter Day School in Leland, NC which now has 750 students in grades K-8, and Columbus Charter School, with 350 students in grades K-4 registered for the upcoming year.

"The astounding thing to note is that with nearly 30 percent less money, these public charter schools have 40 percent more of their economically disadvantaged students score proficient on the state tests than the state's average for all students," Hood said.
...Mitchell started the Brunswick school in 2000 with 53 students in grades K-2. Its academic successes have attracted families from five surrounding counties, Hood said. "We try to work closely with the traditional public schools in the area and with UNC-Wilmington to share our instructional model so it can be more widely disseminated," Mitchell added.

Mitchell said. "I believe every staff member is keenly aware of the freedom that parents have to enroll or withdraw their children in these tuition-free public schools. Everyone knows their job depends upon being responsive to each student's needs and that every child can learn when properly taught."

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